Specialty Areas


E-commerce consists in the distribution, sale, purchase, marketing and supply of products or services over the Internet and our services consist in:

  1. Advice on foreign legislation
  2. Regulatory operating
  3. Contracts applicable
  4. Protection to consumers
  5. Tax strategy

Consumer protection

It is the set of rules that regulate the regulations of consumption of goods and services between producers, suppliers and dispensers. Our services focus mainly on:

  1. Advice on compliance with applicable provisions
  2. Preparation and registration of accession contracts
  3. Defense of complaints or complaints to the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office

National and International contracts

It consists in the analysis of the client’s business needs in order to determine the type of contract it requires, review the counterparty’s documents, draft the clauses necessary to document the trade agreements, guarantee legal certainty to its operations and participate in It´s negotiation.

This service includes the review of all those documents necessaries for the proper functioning of the business requested by “THE CUSTOMER”.

Intellectual property

  1. Trademark registration
  2. Registration of artistic works
  3. Patent Processing
  4. Inventions
  5. Utility Models
  6. Industrial Designs
  7. Licenses and Transmission of Rights
  8. Appellations of Origin and Geographical Indications
  9. Administrative procedures
  10. Franchise Contracts

Hearing defense for Radio and TV Concessionaries

The Federal Telecommunications and Broadcasting Act establishes an obligation for broadcasting concessionaires to have an advocacy of hearings consisting of a responsible person with full autonomy who receives, processes, documents and follows up on complaints and observations of hearings.

  1. Developing procedures for application care
  2. Drafting code of ethics
  3. Advice
  4. Requests, documenting, processing and monitoring the observations, complaints, suggestions, requests or comments of the hearings

National and International Immigration Law

  1. Visa procedure
  2. Work permits
  3. Family Unit
  4. Residence and Citizenship
  5. Naturalization
  6. Permits for the internment of foreigners in national territory for investors, directors and artists.

Tax law

It refers to all the legal rules governing the determination, settlement and administration of taxes. Our services consist in:

  1. Tax Consulting
  2. Revocation resource
  3. Nonconformity appeal
  4. Nullity Trials
  5. Direct and Indirect Amparo
  6. Judgment Attention of information requirements requested by the tax authorities
  7. Advice and support in home visits, requirements and other acts of audit carried out by tax authorities
  8. Representation before municipal, state and federal tax authorities
  9. Advice for the fulfillment of tax obligations
  10. Corporate tax planning

Real estate law

It refers to the branch of law governing transactions related to Real Estates, which by way of example consist of land, houses, buildings, commercial premises and ejidos.

  1. Private contract of promise of sale and / or donation
  2. Sale
  3. Donation
  4. Proforma Action
  5. Merger of real estate
  6. Property Split
  7. Property lotification
  8. Rectification of real estate measures
  9. Property background search
  10. Notary and cadastral procedures

Transfer Prices

Companies belonging to the same group or having another type of linkage must set prices in the same way as they would under normal conditions between independent parties, or what is the same, according to market value.

Price fixing between related parties must be documented, as tax authorities will be able to adjust transfer prices if they consider that they differ from those that would occur between independent parties.

Our services include:

  • Transfer price analysis
  • Valuation of on-going companies, stocks, transactions and intangible assets
  • Restructurings based on transfer prices
  • Tax Advice
  • Tax Litigation

Data Protection

It consists in providing advice to “THE CUSTOMER” on the protection of personal data, through the classification of the information collected through its website, telephone, email and / or visits to its business, in order to comply with the provisions of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data, avoiding the sanctions established by said regulations.

The provision of this service includes:

  1. Simplified Privacy Notice for Front Desk
  2. Privacy Notice for Website
  3. Privacy Notice for Phone
  4. Privacy Notice Application Format for the Exercise of ARCO
  5. Rights Attention to requests for exercise of rights ARCO

Labour law

It refers to the branch of law governing relations between an employer, workers, trade unions, labour and social security authorities.

Our services consist mainly in:

  1. Labor advice
  2. Individual and collective contracts of work
  3. Defense employers’ defense
  4. Sign in and Sign out in IMSS
  5. Consulting
  6. Training
  7. Attention of requirements
  8. Outsourcing contracts
  9. Internal working regulations
  10. Register SIROC
  11. Calculation of settlements
  12. Dismissal Safe
  13. Labor replacement agreement

Corporate Secretary Update

Having updated the Corporate Secretary, it is allowed to know the important movements of the company, main agreements, the exit or entry of a shareholder, the variations in the share capital, the sale of assets, shares, etc.

The aim of this service is to review, govern and update the Company’s corporate books, such as the books of Shareholder Assembly Acts, Council Acts or Board of Directors (Ordinary and/or Extraordinary), Shareholder or Partner Registration Book, Certification of Shareholders’ Securities, granting of General and Special Powers, among others. The provision of this service includes coordination with the Public Notary for the protocolization of the Acts to be held.

It should be noted that Articles 33 and 36 of the Commercial Code lay down the obligation of companies to keep the minutes, and point out that they shall record all agreements relating to the conduct of the business taken by the assemblies of partner boards, and, where appropriate, the boards of directors.

For its part, the 28th of the Federation Tax Code states that corporate books are part of the accounting of Commercial Societies, so if you do not have the updated documentation, it may cause harm to your business.

Family Law

It is the branch of law formed by a set of rules and legal institutions that regulate the personal and economic relationships of family members, with each other and with respect to third parties from marriage and kinship.

Our services consist mainly in:

  1. Administrative Divorceo
  2. Uncaused Divorce
  3. Child Guard and Custody Trials
  4. Processes for the establishment of a Visitation and Cohabitation Regime with Minors
  5. Loss of Parental Power trials
  6. Food Trial
  7. Testamentary/non testamentary succession trials

Trade Lawl

It is the branch of law that regulates trade activities. Our services consist in:

  1. Ordinary commercial trial
  2. Commercial executive Trial
  3. Commercial contracts
  4. Commercial loan agreement
  5. Supply contracts

Foreign Investment

It refers to the placement of long-term capital somewhere in the world, for the creation of agricultural, industrial and service companies, with the purpose of internationalizing. Our services consist mainly in:

  1. Processing and obtaining authorization from the Secretariat of the Economy to act as a foreign moral person in Mexico
  2. Enrollment of companies in the National Register of Foreign Investment
  3. Annual renewal of registration in the National Register of Foreign Investment
  4. Obtaining authorizations of the National Foreign Investment Commission
  5. Management for the apostille and legalization of public documents
  6. Analysis of commercial activities allowed for companies with foreign investment

Document translation

At Visalex lawyers we have a team of certified translator experts, highly trained, with official seal, delivery times according to the needs of each client and the confidentiality that guarantees their security.

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